Walk the Line




Joaquin "Phoenix nails the Man in Black's mannerisms and respectably sings his hits in a biopic that focuses on the rise of [Johnny] Cash's career and his courtship of . . . June Carter.  Reese Witherspoon won a Golden Globe as the reluctant Carter, and in the end it is the real-life love story that endures."--Amber Ray in the Boston Metro, February 28, 2006.

"[T]he story of the Man in Black rises above its played-out premise thanks to the fine performances of its leads. Phoenix buries himself in the anguish and soulfully deep baritone of Cash, while Witherspoon adds sparkle to every scene she enters, even if she doesn't plumb the depths of her character with as much commitment as her costar."--Jen Chaney, Washington Post

At the Academy Awards on March 5, 2006, Reese Witherspoon won the best actress Oscar  for her portrayal of country singer June Carter in the movie "Walk the Line."


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