Cash in the Attic




The television show Cash in the Attic shows people being helped to turn hidden "treasures" in their houses into cash at auctions.  It is shown on BBC One in the United Kingdom, and on BBC America in the United States.


Cash in the Attic (Paperback)
by Paul Hayes



"If you are clearing out a loft, bottom drawer or garage and want to know how to pick out a saleable item from amongst the junk then this book is your practical guide. "Cash in the Attic" aims to de-mystify the antiques business by explaining how to spot a treasure and how to sell it. Paul Hayes, one of the programme's antiques experts, goes through different categories of collectibles, from paintings and porcelain, to clocks and books, and reveals his tips on how to date an item, how to value it, and how to tell a genuine from a fake. Not only does Hayes explain what to look for and how to assess the quality of your discoveries, he also offers advice on the selling process, be it through an auction house, the internet or at a car boot sale. This is a must-have checklist for anyone embarking on the antiques world for the first time."--synopsis at amazon.co.uk