The Patty Duke Show



Season One of The Patty Duke Show was released on DVD in the U. S. on September 29, 2009, per amazon.com.

Here are the First Season's Pilot and 36 Episodes:
0. (1963) PILOT-Cathy moves in with her Uncle's family.
1. (9-18-1963) THE FRENCH TEACHER-Patty has a teacher crush.
2. (9-25-1963) THE GENIUS-Patty alters a test (Paul Lynde guest stars).
3. (10-2-1963) THE ELOPEMENT-Martin thinks Patty is marrying Richard.
4. (10-9-1963) THE HOUSE GUEST-Aunt Pauline's visit bothers Cathy.
5. (10-16-1963) THE BIRDS AND THE BEES BIT-Ross gets a girl's invitation.
6. (10-23-1963) THE SLUMBER PARTY-Spy Ross tapes and blackmails Patty.
7. (10-30-1963) THE BABYSITTERS-Patty babysits to make money.
8. (11-6-1963) THE CONQUERING HERO-Cathy tutors a basketball player (Charles Nelson Reilly guest stars).
9. (11-13-1963) THE PRESIDENT-Patty and Cathy compete for President.
10.(11-20-1963) DOUBLE DATE-Patty doubles for Cathy (Margaret Hamilton guest stars).
11.(11-27-1963) THE ACTRESS-Patty and Cathy both want to be Cleopatra.
12.(12-4-1963) HOW TO BE POPULAR-Cathy doesn't want to be a wallflower (Frankie Avalon guest stars).
13.(12-11-1963) THE SONGWRITERS-Patty plagiarizes a poem to Richard (Jimmy Dean guest stars).
14.(12-18-1963) THE PRINCESS CATHY-Cathy gets a proposal.
15.(12-25-1963) THE CHRISTMAS PRESENT-Patty has a wonderful surprise.
16.(1-1-1964) AULD LANG SYNE-Cathy's father Kenneth Lane gets fired.
17.(1-8-1964) HOROSCOPE-Patty and Cathy make double money in astrology.
18.(1-15-1964) THE TYCOONS-Patty and Cathy become dress makers.
19.(1-22-1964) AUTHOR!AUTHOR!-Patty gets a book published.
20.(1-29-1964) THE CONTINENTAL-Martin gets transferred to Paris.
21.(2-5-1964) LET 'EM EAT CAKE-Patty and Cathy re-bake Natalie's contest cake which they ate (Margaret Hamilton guest stars).
22.(2-12-1964) GOING STEADY-Patty accepts Richard's ring to go steady.
23.(2-19-1964) ARE MOTHER'S PEOPLE?-Natalie feels unappreciated.
24.(2-26-1964) THE CON ARTIST-Cathy purchases a vacuum cleaner (Estelle Parsons guest stars).
25.(3-4-1964) THE PERFECT TEENAGER-Patty takes a modeling class (Kaye Ballard guest stars).
26.(3-11-1964) CHIP OFF THE OLD BLOCK-Patty's editor job turns tabloid.
27.(3-18-1964) THE WEDDING ANNIVERSARY CAPER-Ross enters Patty in a Beautiful Teens Contest in order to win a prize for their parents anniversary.
28.(3-25-1964) PEN PALS-Patty's penpal is superior to Richard.
29.(4-1-1964) THE FRIENDSHIP BIT-Patty may be jealous of Cathy.
30.(4-8-1964) A SLIGHT CASE OF DISASTER-Cathy borrows Patty's dress.
31.(4-15-1964) PATTY,THE FOSTER MOTHER-Patty adopts a Korean boy.
32.(4-22-1964) THE DROP OUT-Patty drops "dropout" Richard.
33.(4-29-1964) LEAVE IT TO PATTY-Patty poses as Cathy to get Cathy's pop star friend to perform at their dance.
34.(5-6-1964) THE LITTLE DICTATOR-Cathy is student principal and has to discipline Patty in class.
35.(5-13-1964) THE WORKING GIRL-Patty works at the Shake Shop.
36.(5-20-1964) THE COUSINS-Patty and Cathy reminisce.